Monday, April 20, 2009


I have moved my blog to this site:
Sherri Haab Blog
I just put up a few posts on our new etching system and new webstore. This is a photo of a copper clay etched pendant that was made using the controller, you can read all about it on my posts. hope you will read my new blog, thanks

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

European Teaching Tour

Just finished another book, a BIG project which is a lifestyle book complete with 25 all new jewelry projects, this gives me a short break to blog about the past few months.
Last November Dan and I went on a European teaching tour. We taught classes featuring the new Bronz clay, resin, image transfer and etching copper using Dan's own electronic device for enviromentally friendly etching. We met great people including very talented jewelry artists along the way. This is Monique and her son Omar from Kraal en Mo We really enjoyed teaching resin for her and the students. Dan enjoyed the raw herring he had for lunch, I was too busy teaching to enjoy herring myself, darn!
I broke my foot the night before the trip and it was in extreme pain the entire time (I didn't have time to go to the doctor before leaving), I'm on one foot in this picture, and in most of our pictures I have a certain "ouch I'm in pain but smiling" look on my face.

In Scotland we taught at The Little Bead Shop for Gil and Emma. Here is a link to Emma's Blog. She and Gil were so hospitable and Emma is an incredibly talented bead artist. It was exciting to be there with an enthusiastic group. Dan was inspired to get back to working with glass. These are a few projects from the students in our bronze clay/etching class.

We also taught for Otteline at Nonsoesa in Holland. It was beautiful there, wish we could have explored the country as we only were there for one day. We crocheted fine silver wire bracelets combined with silver clay and etched on copper all in one class.

This is Erna and students at Creative Glass in Switzerland. Another fantastic place to teach, I admire Erna and the incredibly organized business woman she is. My ancestors came from here so I felt a certain kinship with with her and hope to go back someday. Maybe some of her organizational skills will wear off on me.

We made friends with Kirsty who was a gracious hostess, she provided us with lots of yummy chocolate treats and tea. Kirsty is so adventurous, I love her spirit, she really got "in" to etching here with what looks like a science lab class with Dan.

Larissa and her family welcomed us to stay with them. Larissa can do everything, including running a business, preparing a gourmet dinner and mom duties including make-up artist for little Hannah to get ready for halloween. Her and David have a store and teach classes in the UK at Art Clay Supplies

Along with teaching we had the chance to see a castle in Edinburgh, saw Spamalot in London, and visited Windsor Castle in England. And most of all, had the best food ever!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Time out for Fun

Time out from work and teaching-One of the highlights of my summer was watching my husband ride the "300 Warriors" bike race. Michelle, David and I were the sag wagon for Dan and his friend Vaughn. It was so exciting to go from point to point and wait anxiously for them to arrive. This is the Tour of Utah race that professional racers from around the world participate in, the ride is brutal. Many people were overcome with exhaustion and had trouble finishing as the race was mostly uphill climbs. Here's a pic of Dan and I before the race at 5 something AM After the race we all had peanut butter sandwiches in a park and watched the pros go by accompanied by police escorts (Michelle had a hilarious Officer Dangle story, but it was even funnier because we were all hopped up on Rock Star juice).
Back to work now, Dan is working on an exciting development for us jewelry makers. He has been fine tuning an etching process that is faster, safer and more environmentally friendly than PCB solution (ferric chloride) for etching copper and brass. We will be teaching this class in Europe in November and then in the US. Examples are shown here of some finished bronze clay jewelry pieces textured with the plates. Here is the link for my upcoming classes
Sherri Haab Classes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Creativity-blog carnival

OK, so this blog carnival will get me blogging at least once a month. This month's question was a hard one for me, the question is: How do I jump start my creativity? Well, this is a difficult question to answer because I have trouble viewing myself as a creative person. I know, I'm not kidding, people say I'm creative, which I do agree with to a certain degree, but I think of myself more as a methodical researcher instead, a problem solver, which I guess is creative. So I would have to say that my answer is the following: Artists are visual people, so I expose myself to as much "eye candy" as possible. I find that traveling has helped a great deal, to see different landscapes, styles, galleries, even food. When I'm working it takes a long time for creativity to kick in, and it usually peaks about 10PM. I allow myself to be OK with the fact that nothing creative happens for me in the morning hours. And lastly, I need real candy, preferrably chocolate. I don't drink or use drugs, so what else is there? oh yeah, I love herb tea (only the gourmet blends) not common grocery store brands-yuk! This gets me through the day and makes work fun, which in turn leads to creative ideas.
Speaking of eye candy, the fabric bracelet pictured is a sneak peak of a project from my new book "Felt Fabric and Fiber Jewelry" which is available by pre-order on Amazon. The book should be available soon.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog Carnival

I don't get how people keep up with their blogs! I've had so many cool experiences, ideas and travel photos to share lately (here's one from the CHA show at the Watson Guptill booth), you would think I would take a minute to post them, it's overwhelming for me. But I do have an excuse, I've been living out of a suitcase since January. But thanks to my good friend Lora Hart who put some fire under me to get blogging, I'm going to try to rev it up and get going again. I'm honored to be included in this blog carnival with these fantastic artists whose links are listed below. So here is my answer to the question:

If you suddenly became wealthy and didn't have to sell your jewelry anymore for income, would you still sell it? Would you still make it? and why?
My answer: If I was wealthy and didn't have to sell my jewelry I would still make and sell it because I do it for enjoyment. However, I would approach jewelry making from a different perspective. Instead of always worrying about what will sell and how marketable a design is, I would make jewelry purely for the artistic experience and for the pleasure of creating new designs. Not that I would make jewelry that is super far out and not wearable, because I value wearable pieces. I don't like abstract pieces that are only for gallery displays. I would also teach jewelry making and venture into charitable causes which involve jewelry making.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art and Soul

I just got back from Art and Soul in Portland about a week ago and had a fabulous time! I enjoyed each and every student in my classes and they did superior work, more original than anything I come up with. Here is a sampling of work from the Image Transfer Class with PMC. I miss my friends already, so much fun working together, laughing, staying up late and of course eating. If you ever get a chance to attend, this art retreat is the one thing I look most forward to each year. Check out Art and Soul Reatreat for classes. In November I will be teaching metal clay classes in San Diego, check my website for details. Sherri Haab Classes

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Macrame iPod Pouch

I haven't posted on my blog lately, this is what happens when I'm in the middle of writing a book. Books take more time to write than you anticipate, and everything else has to wait on the back burner in order to make the deadline. So, now that I'm able to post a quick note, here is a free project I wrote for Craft Magazine. This link gives you complete step by step instructions to follow. Enjoy making an iPod pouch (or make a cell phone pouch instead)Macrame iPod Pouch

Friday, May 11, 2007

Craftcast with Alison

I recently taped a podcast with Allison Lee on Alison interviews various artists who work in different mediums, and it was an honor to be included with so many others I admire. In the interview she asked about what inspires me and my approach to writing craft books. Hope you enjoy listening. Check out my new DVDs for metal clay on my website too!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Black Toner Image Transfers

I found some awesome brass findings to apply image transfers to. I will be selling these on my website shortly. They are solid brass and can be sanded to make the perfect surface for transfers. I don't have a color laser printer, but I do have a black toner laser printer which works great for making monogram or silhouette images. I like the simplicity of these graphic designs.
Spring is moving right along and I'm working on another book. I enjoy the process, although there aren't enough hours in the day to do all of the cool creative things I'm dying to finish. I am, however, going to try to make time for my blog and to keep up (if that is ever possible) with all of the incredibly talented bloggers out there who treat us daily with amazing handmade "eye candy".

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spiral Weave Bracelet

This past year I have flown a lot!, both for business and medical reasons. On one of my many trips to Santa Barbara to see doctors post surgery, I had the time and opportunity to try my hand at bead weaving. This was very theraputic in calming my nerves and helped make the travel enjoyable, although a little tricky with beads rolling around my lap on the airplane. I never have time to do projects like this, so it was a fun excuse to create something just for the heck of it. The inspiration for this design comes from Nancy Compston who teaches at the Bead Company near LA. Her work is fabulous! This design is a spiral weave pattern with beads added for texture near the clasp. My contribution to the design is the magnetic clasp which makes the bracelet easy to put on. I glued seed beads around the edge of the clasp to hide the metal of the clasp.